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39146Re: background detection for screen.linux

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  • Alejandro López-Valencia
    Feb 28, 2005
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      Bram Moolenaar wrote:
      > Alejandro Lopez Valencia wrote:
      >>>>When $TERM is "screen.linux", &background should default to 'dark'
      >>>>rather than 'light', the same as for "linux". Patch attached.
      >>>Good idea, I'll include it. Thanks!
      >>Could you add "cygwin" as well? Vim uses a light background but the
      >>Win32 console background is dark by default. (This is not a problem with
      >>cygwin's rxvt, it works fine).
      > Is "cygwin" a terminal name? And is it really only used for a console
      > with a black background?

      Yes and most of the time. "cygwin" is the termcap/terminfo definition
      used by the default shell installed by the cygwin installer, bash
      running on top of the Win32 console; it's been in Thomas Dickey's
      terminfo database for several years now. The win32 console defaults to a
      black background unless you change it by hand, so you can expect it to
      be dark most of the time.

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