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  • Gautam Iyer
    Feb 4, 2005
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      On Fri, Feb 04, 2005 at 05:08:29PM +0100, Antoine J. Mechelynck wrote:

      > GI wrote:
      > > How about if we all had to add a custom header with a password?
      > > Something like
      > >
      > > x-vimdev-password: Help Uganda
      > >
      > > Any message without this header field (and correct password) is
      > > automatically rejected.
      > >
      > > Mutt users can easily set up a hook to add custom headers to specific
      > > addresses. I'm sure this is possible with other clients too. This should
      > > block almost all viruses for a while. The only trouble is telling n00b's
      > > to add this header before posting. Maybe a note on the webpage or
      > > something similar (if this idea get's adopted).
      > Some other clients, maybe. All others, even all other widely-used ones,
      > definitely not. I know it's anathema to mention Outlook Express in front
      > of mutt users, but AFAIK its users can add _no_ custom headers to its
      > emails. About Mozilla Thunderbird (which I'm now using), I'm less sure;
      > but I would need directions about how to go about it. Since there are
      > many different mail clients out there, and since not all Vim users are
      > computer nerds, such a measure would require adding as many pages of
      > directions to the Vim-online "mailing lists" page as there are mail
      > clients with different methods of adding custom headers. I wouldn't
      > advise it.

      Oops. I guess I've only used mutt ... ! You're right, it would probably
      be a nightmare for Outlook Express users.

      On the plus side, I've not recieved spam on the vim-dev list for a
      while. Maybe it get's caught by my spam filter here though ... :)


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