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38803Re: Delay when Insert mode is left

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  • Jens Paulus
    Jan 22, 2005
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      Hi Bram,

      On Fri, Jan 14, 2005 at 20:02:07 +0100, Jens Paulus wrote:
      > > > what I do not understand is why the ruler cursor position gets updated
      > > > after a timeoutlen delay when leaving Insert mode in vim but in gvim it
      > > > there is no such delay. The same is also when for example doing
      > > > 4iabcd<Esc> and the repeated text is inserted after this delay. In gvim
      > > > there are the same settings for timeoutlen, timeout, ttimeout but it
      > > > happens immediately. Starting vim with -u NONE or setting it to
      > > > nocompatible makes it work immediately and without delay. But with same
      > > > settings gvim has no delay but vim has this delay.
      > >
      > > The reason is that in a terminal there are key codes that start with
      > > Esc. When Vim receives an Esc in Insert mode it can't be sure if it is
      > > the Esc key or the start of a key code (e.g., for a cursor key). Vim
      > > then pretents to go out of Insert mode, but only really does so after
      > > 'ttimeoutlen'.
      > >
      > > You can fix this by using a terminal that uses CSI for special keys.
      > what can be observed is that when starting with -u NONE there is no
      > delay. So it is obviously no problem with the terminal in this case.
      > When starting with -u empty.filerc and empty.filerc is an empty file
      > then there is also no delay and then doing :source .vimrc there is still
      > no delay and :scriptnames shows all files which are loaded as usual.
      > Please help me to find the cause and fix it.

      although I do not know why this helps, my solution is to start with the
      option -u .vimrc and then there is no delay anymore and everything works
      how it should work. Creating an alias like alias vim vim -u .vimrc is
      also helpful.

      Best regards

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