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38394Re: bug report operating on rectangular area

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  • Bill McCarthy
    Jan 2, 2005
      On Fri 31-Dec-04 2:47pm -0600, Jens Paulus wrote:

      > alright, maybe my description was wrong. Try the commands `ay<C-V>`c and
      > `ad<C-V>`c and you should see that the character at mark c is not
      > included.

      I'm surprised that Bram sees a problem. I tried this
      from 6.3.53 and don't see the problem. When I paste
      the yank, I see the whole first column. When I try
      delete, the whole first column is deleted. This is
      what I expect.

      Although I prefer the default sel=inclusive when
      working with blocks, I get too much bad behavior in
      Windows when the EOL can't included.

      For example, reading news where the subjects are all at
      top and repeated with the full stories below, I use
      'Alt-V' to get me to the stories and 'n' to get back to
      the index. My mappings for Alt-V are as follows:

      " Search for visually selected text and position to top
      vnoremap / y/<C-R>"<CR>zt

      " Mark full line and do above
      nmap <M-v> 0v$/

      The problem is the inclusive grabs the EOL and the
      search string becomes: text^M
      which can't be found :-(

      I've set up a "toggle" for 'sel' to easily switch

      nmap <M-F3> :if &sel == 'inclusive'
      \ \| set sel=exclusive
      \ \| else
      \ \| set sel=inclusive
      \ \| endif
      \ \| set sel?<CR>

      Best regards,
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