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37859RE: Patch to add the cbuffer command

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  • Keith Roberts
    Nov 2, 2004
      >-----Original Message-----
      >From: Yegappan Lakshmanan [mailto:yegappan@...]
      >Sent: Tuesday, November 02, 2004 3:12 PM
      >To: Madhu Raghupatruni
      >Cc: vim-dev@...
      >Subject: Re: Patch to add the cbuffer command
      >--- Madhu Raghupatruni <rmadhu@...> wrote:
      >> Yegappan,
      >> The reverse is pretty useful too. You have a quickfix
      >window that you
      >> would want to save as file of errorlist, usually the result
      >of a grep
      >> output. I currently run it through a small script which converts it
      >> back to an error list (grep output) and save it into a file. Do you
      >> think there is a simpler way ?
      >As Vim parses and processes the output from grep or any other
      >command to fill the quickfix window, the original output is
      >lost (unless it is already stored in a file). So,
      >reconstructing the original output from the quickfix window
      >contents might be difficult.
      >- Yegappan

      Probably a silly idea, but maybe adding \|tee {filename} to 'grepprg'
      could be made to work? [or instead of {filename} it could be {bufname},
      where said buffer is created as "nofile" or the like]

      Or maybe something associated with quickfix that performs a tee before
      (as) the data is transformed for the quickfix window?

      Given some known association, that could be used to "get back" to the
      original data.

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