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37693Re: Compiled "working" gvim on Solaris 2.8, but bug in configure

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Oct 2, 2004
      Steve Hobbs wrote:

      > QUESTION:
      > It now works but the GTK2-GUI version takes about 10-15 seconds to
      > appear. Any ideas??? (The non-GUI version is almost instant)

      That's probably a GTK problem. Loading its libraries and doing the
      GUI startup stuff can be slow.

      > We have an existing /usr/local structure which has a particular version
      > of tools from SunFreeware.com. I didn't want to break this structure so
      > I went about creating an entirely new structure in "/usr/local2".
      > I couldn't get the tool to recognise my nice new installation in
      > "/usr/local2". It kept saying it couldn't find it.

      This is non-standard, thus the existing configure won't find anything
      there. You will have to fall back to manually specifying paths.

      You might want to compile with Motif instead, it's a "lighter" GUI than
      GTK and it's supported by Sun. But it doesn't look that nice and it's
      not free (although lesstif is a good Motif replacement).

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