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37543Re: matchit support for python

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  • Charles E. Campbell, Jr.
    Sep 3, 2004
      Benji Fisher wrote:

      >...Currently, the only
      >customization for different file types is that matchit.vim looks for a
      >list of regular expressions (usually defined in the ftplugin file) that
      >define matching pairs. I suppose the simplest thing to do would be to
      >look for a function like Matchit_python(); if the function exists and
      >returns a non-zero value, then use it to decide where to jump;
      >otherwise, continue as normal.

      With a function, highlighting can be used to help with figuring out what
      the matching pair
      is, too (see http://vim.sourceforge.net/scripts/script.php?script_id=848
      for something related).

      Chip Campbell
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