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37424Re: VIM-Crash after "Hit Enter ...": logged with verbose=20

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  • Suresh Govindachar
    Aug 9, 2004
      In essence, the problem I reported on:
      Sun, 1 Aug 2004 00:59:17 +0000 was:

      After executing an embedded perl subroutine and returning
      SUCCESSFULLY from it, the gvim session would crash every
      once in about 3 times. (Windows 98).

      I made the following changes, and haven't had a crash:

      Changed _vimrc by adding these three lets:

      let no_buffers_menu = 1
      let did_install_default_menus = 1
      let did_install_syntax_menu = 1

      and changed guioptins from just 'a' to:

      set guioptions=acM

      Then I unregistered gvim. Crashes still happened.

      Then in the perl code, changed all the buffwipeout
      commands (:bw) to bufunload (:bun).

      The crashes stopped (four days of use).

      Than I registered VIM (continuing to use bun instead of bw)

      No crashes as yet (one day of use).

      Anyway, I have tested the plugin extensively on Windows 98
      and briefly on Linux. It works. I expect to release it
      later today. The release version will have :bw in it;
      however, users can do "let g:tms_do_not_bw_in_perl = 1" to
      change all the :bw used in perl code to :bun.

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