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36768Re: Extended ASCII characters garbled in Vim 6.3b [Win32 console]

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  • Antoine J. Mechelynck
    Jun 2, 2004
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      Craig Barkhouse <cabarkho@...> wrote:
      > OK, by "ASCII art" I think I do mean what you call "DOS characters" --
      > extended ASCII characters in the 128-255 range. These include special
      > graphic symbols as well as certain accented characters. For example,
      > 251 is a square root symbol (?). If you're at a Windows cmd prompt
      > you should be able to press Alt+251 (numeric keypad) to make the
      > symbol appear. You can echo the character to a file to do a little
      > test. Edit the file with VIM, and with tenc=cp437 the character
      > appears as a u-circumflex. With tenc= or tenc=cp1252, it appears as
      > a square root symbol. In GVIM, no matter what tenc is set to, the
      > character appears as a square root symbol.
      > Now, I have some extended ASCII (128-255) symbols in my .vimrc, and I
      > just want them to display properly (as symbols, not accented
      > characters as in Latin-1) on screen.
      > Curiously, when I set my codepage to 1252 and start VIM, tenc is not
      > "cp1252" but rather is empty. cp1252 looks like it has all the
      > special symbols I'm looking for.

      Are you sure it's 1252? When I set 'enc' to "utf-8" in gvim, then do ":view
      ++enc=cp1252 upascii.txt" (the file I sent with my previous post), then
      "setl fenc?" the answer is "cp437"... Apparently, when told to use code page
      1252, gvim uses 437 instead.

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