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36739RE: Tabs revisited

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Jun 1, 2004
      Vince Negri wrote:

      > There is something strange happening.
      > if I do Benji's
      > vim -N -u NONE +"set wh=999 wmh=0 ls=2" -o file1 file2 file3
      > Then I get three status lines for the three files.
      > *but* if I create a _vimrc which has only the line
      > set wh=999 wmh=0 ls=2
      > in it, and then do
      > vim -N -u _vimrc -o file1 file2 file3
      > I only get status lines for file1 and file2.
      > Surely those two commands ought to be equivalent?

      The order of execution is different. Firs the vimrc file is used, then
      the files are loaded, then command arguments are executed. Thus in the
      first example you set 'winheight' after opening the windows.

      That ":all" uses 'winheight' was discussed previously. It's not nice in
      this situation, but useful in others (e.g., to avoid you end up with 12
      one-line windows in a 25 line terminal).

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