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36737Re: Tabs revisited

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  • Antony Scriven
    Jun 1, 2004
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      Vince Negri wrote:

      > There is something strange happening.
      > if I do Benji's
      > vim -N -u NONE +"set wh=999 wmh=0 ls=2" -o file1 file2 file3
      > Then I get three status lines for the three files.
      > *but* if I create a _vimrc which has only the line
      > set wh=999 wmh=0 ls=2
      > in it, and then do
      > vim -N -u _vimrc -o file1 file2 file3
      > I only get status lines for file1 and file2.
      > Surely those two commands ought to be equivalent?

      Maybe it's something to do with there not being a terminal
      present when the _vimrc is executed?

      au vimenter * set wh=999 wmh=0 ls=2

      works fine.

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