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36371RE: VimGDB future

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  • Xavier de Gaye
    May 13, 2004
      Bram Moolenaar <Bram@...> wrote:

      >Xavier de Gaye wrote:
      >> I have adapted VimGDB to follow the design you have proposed in a
      >> previous mail in this thread:
      >Very good.  I am glad you managed to make it work this way.  This means
      >we have more generic building blocks.
      >> [Some pending issues with Vim NetBeans in terminal mode:
      >>   . is it possible to have 'defineAnnoType' also handle terminal colors ?
      >>   . could 'balloonText' events be sent for the cursor position
      >>     (using CursorHold ?) in terminal mode]
      >I'll add them to the todo list.  In the terminal we currently don't use
      >mouse-moved events, adding that might be tricky.

      Maybe we could use the cursor position instead of the mouse
      in this case.

      >> The name of this tool is 'clewn' and thanks to Mikolaj, it should
      >> be set up in a few days on Mikolaj web site from where it can be
      >> downloaded.
      >Perhaps you can explain the name "clewn"?

      Command Line Editor Worker on NetBeans


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