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36319RE: VimGDB future

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  • Xavier de Gaye
    May 11 7:14 AM

      I have adapted VimGDB to follow the design you have proposed in a
      previous mail in this thread:

      +==============+ +==============+
      | | | |
      | gdb window | | VIM window |
      | | | |
      +==============+ +==============+
      | (1) | (2)
      | |
      +--------------+ +--------------+
      | | | |
      | clewn |---------| VIM |
      | (was VimGDB')| (3) | |
      +--------------+ +--------------+
      | (4)
      | |
      | gdb |
      | |

      (1) gdb terminal I/O (with annotations filtered out)
      (2) Vim terminal I/O
      (3) NetBeans interface
      (4) gdb terminal I/O (including annotations)

      It works on any existing gvim with the |+netbeans_intg| feature
      enabled, although it's better to use a version later than 6.2.480.
      It does not work with Vim in terminal mode yet.

      [Some pending issues with Vim NetBeans in terminal mode:
      . is it possible to have 'defineAnnoType' also handle terminal colors ?
      . could 'balloonText' events be sent for the cursor position
      (using CursorHold ?) in terminal mode]

      This tool can also be used in debug mode to trace, do unit testing
      or experiment with Vim NetBeans interface: any NetBeans command
      or function can be sent to Vim from clewn command line.

      The name of this tool is 'clewn' and thanks to Mikolaj, it should
      be set up in a few days on Mikolaj web site from where it can be

      Clewn's user interface, with very few exceptions, is the same as the GDB
      command line interface. Here is a summary of clewn features, they are
      mostly the same as VimGDB (they have about two third of their code in

      * any GDB command can be mapped to a Vim keystroke or key sequence
      * you can send an interrupt from Vim to GDB and the program it is
      * a variable can be "dropped" and watched in a Vim window, to remove
      the variable just delete it from the window
      * assembly buffers hold the assembly code for functions that miss the
      source code and are being stepped through, or where breakpoints have
      been set
      * breakpoints are highlighted in source code and in the assembly buffers;
      disabled breakpoints are noted with a different highlighting color;
      the source file is automatically loaded when setting a breakpoint
      * each time GDB displays a stack frame, the source file or assembly buffer
      for that frame is automatically loaded and the line highlighted
      * support of the clever GDB command and file name completion
      * real-time target status display


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