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35028Re: Win32 gVim NSIS2 installer

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  • Jonathan D Johnston
    Mar 1, 2004
      Alejandro Lopez-Valencia wrote:
      > There is a problem though. The 32-bit console version doesn't work
      > well in Win9x. In those systems, the 16-bit console version works
      > better. Now we start talking about including three versions... Hmm...
      > You'll need OpenWatcom for perpetrating such a feat :-)

      I wrote
      > Actually, Dos32 Vim (compiled with DJGPP) is recommended for Win9x
      > console. From my experience, it works great for Win98se.
      > :h dos16
      > :h dos32
      > Also, see the options at http://www.vim.org/download.php#pc

      Alejandro Lopez-Valencia wrote:
      > Are you sure? I think you mean this:
      [snipped quotation from doc/os_msdos.txt]

      Which is the same thing that I wrote. Look at the last sentence for
      :h dos32
      "Recommended for MS-DOS, Windows 3.1 and Windows 95."

      Also, from http://www.vim.org/download.php#pc :
      32 bit DOS executable vim##d32.zip vim62d32.zip
      The 32 bit DOS version works well on MS-Windows 95/98/ME. It
      requires a DPMI manager, which needs to be installed on
      MS-DOS. MS-Windows already has one. It supports long file
      names, but NOT on MS-Windows NT/2000/XP. It is compiled
      with "big" features

      Alejandro Lopez-Valencia wrote:
      > "I am not particularly privy to using a DPMI driver if I can
      > help it. It has always been unstable for me." :-)

      As noted at vim.org, DPMI is built into Win32, so no third-party driver
      is needed unless you want to use Vim from MS-DOS. I have only
      occasionally used the Dos32 Vim from MS-DOS. For DOS, I use the
      CWSDPMI that is distributed in vim##d32.zip. No Vim DPMI problems, from
      Windows or DOS, so far.

      Console for Win9x, in summary & from my perspective:
      Dos32/DJGPP Vim:
      + 32-bit
      + For years has been the recommended console version for Win9x
      + Years of experience by Vim developers & users
      - Some people don't like DPMI

      A new 16-bit compilation or some "third-party" 16-bit port:
      + No DPMI
      - 16-bit
      - No/little experience by Vim developers or users

      Maybe your NSIS2 package needs to include *three* console versions. :-)

      Jonathan D Johnston

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