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34725Re: XIM (GTK2) keypad mappings problem patch - please test

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Feb 10, 2004
      Neil Bird wrote:

      > Around about 07/02/2004 13:32, Benji Fisher typed ...
      > > Where is xim_expected_char supposed to be declared? Did I muck up the
      > > patch somehow?
      > It's in globals.h. Ick - the version of the patch I posted didn't
      > have that bit in. I must've copied the wrong one from home (the first
      > version I made up I forgot that file - thought I'd overridden it, not
      > sure how I managed to post it!). Try this one.

      The patch I just sent out solves this in another way. Keeping these
      variables local looks a bit cleaner to me, although it does require an
      extra function argument to distinguish the key-up from the key-down.
      Hopefully it still works after my changes!

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