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34298Re: Small nit in the manual

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  • François Pinard
    Jan 8, 2004
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      [François Pinard]
      > Hi, people. Would you check if the following diff is appropriate?
      > [...]

      [Benji Fisher]
      > I agree with the content of your change. As for format, I prefer
      > [...] context-style diffs [...]

      [François Pinard]
      > This is annoying... Some maintainers like context diffs and hate
      > unidiffs, other maintainers just want the contrary. [...]

      [Benji Fisher]
      > I am sorry. I interpreted the first line quoted above as asking for
      > advice on the format as well as the content of the diff.

      We are both sorry. I should have seen the ambiguity of my saying while
      writing it.

      > I think we all try to be reasonable. I am sorry for the waste of
      > time, especially since I am probably partly responsible. At least, I
      > expect it to be a one-time cost.

      The cost for me is staying on vim-dev, while it is a bit prematurate in
      my case. But the volume is not high, and the exchanges are interesting,
      so I guess I'll just stick around, yet silently for a while. :-)

      Keep happy, everybody.

      François Pinard http://www.iro.umontreal.ca/~pinard
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