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34267strange behavior with first [d

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  • Benji Fisher
    Jan 2 6:44 AM
      Can anyone confirm this? I make a little TeX file with



      and then position the cursor on the last line. The default
      ftplugin/tex.vim sets the 'define' option to recognize the macro
      definition, so I try "[d" (starting in Normal mode, without the quotes)
      on the last line. I get Error E388 (couldn't find definition). I try
      "[d" again, and it works fine.

      Same result starting with "vim -u NONE" after

      :set nocp
      :so $VIMRUNTIME/ftplugin/tex.vim

      At first, I could not reproduce the problem with ft=c but now I

      #define MAX 17


      If I move the cursor, then "[d" works on the last line. For example,
      if I cut and paste, ending on the first line, then move to the last
      line, there is no problem. If I just move to the start of the last line
      and back again, I do see the problem. It is a nuisance to reproduce,
      since it only happens the first time I try "[d" in a session... Also,
      if I use a realistic line, like "a = MAX;", then it works.

      --Benji Fisher