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34153Visual block question

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  • Iain Duncan
    Dec 11, 2003
      Hi everyone, quick question to the dev gurus. The help files mention that
      the way Visual Block select automatically gets extended to the end of a line
      may get changed in the future. Does anyone know if this will happen? If not,
      what about a patch to allow folks to choose that feature if they want?

      I'm making a grid editor for editing musical event lists. Everything about
      Vim is great for this except the extremely frustrating fact that I don't
      seem to be able to highlight a rectangular block and apply a search and
      replace or other function to everything in that block and that block only!

      Alternatively what about another flag like the /g that means to the end of
      the selected block instead of to the end of the line? At any rate I'd
      personally find this change very very helpful.

      Thanks for listening,
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