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34032Re: Long lines result in VAX C debugger problems.

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Nov 7, 2003
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      Walter Briscoe wrote:

      Since it has taken so long to run into this problem it seems that very
      few compilers have a problem with long lines.

      > >For this compiler we could disable the Lisp function, that should work
      > >around the problem.
      > I don't think so. The problem is that a source line is longer than 255
      > bytes. In the dim and distant past, I worked on VaxC symbol display and
      > that is my hazy memory. Can Jim check?

      Do you mean that when you put a long line in between "#ifdef asdf" and
      "#endif" the compiler will still refuse to compile the file?

      > This does not work for the other 2 long strings. We could split the
      > definitions into chunks and load the data in option.c. I don't like
      > doing that as it requires the programmer to do more work. However, it
      > does seem it will work and fit all constraints. What does Bram think?

      I don't like making the code more difficult for a rare compiler. But if
      this code prevents people from using Vim on a specific platform, I could
      include a patch that fixes this (if it's tested).

      Why I like vim:
      > I like VIM because, when I ask a question in this newsgroup, I get a
      > one-line answer. With xemacs, I get a 1Kb lisp script with bugs in it ;-)

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