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  • Dany St-Amant
    Oct 8, 2003

      I recently upgrade Vim on my HP-UX from 6.1.232 to 6.2.098, and the
      way I make
      use of the --remote is now broken. Due to the limitation of the
      proprietary CVS system
      used where I work, vim is invoke with one file at a time. So when I try
      to edit five file at the
      same time, there's five 'gvim --remote' executed in parallel; in
      6.1.232 all five files were
      properly open, now I get some of them (a random number between one and

      The issue can be reproduced by:

      a. launching a server

      gvim --servername TEST

      b. cut-and-pasting simulatenously all the following line in a xterm

      gvim --servername TEST --remote file1.txt &
      gvim --servername TEST --remote file2.txt &
      gvim --servername TEST --remote file3.txt &
      gvim --servername TEST --remote file4.txt &
      gvim --servername TEST --remote file5.txt &
      gvim --servername TEST --remote file6.txt &

      I have been able to confirm that the issue is present in 6.2.0.

      One last piece of info, I'm using the Motif version

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