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33799Re: Re[2]: Config Vim not to change directory timestamp

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  • Roboco Sanchez
    Oct 4, 2003
      --- David Brown <vim@...> wrote:
      > On Sat, Oct 04, 2003 at 04:20:36AM -0700, Roboco
      > Sanchez wrote:
      > > - edit an existing file using any editor except
      > Vim
      > - Writing with a backup file temporarily creates a
      > file in the
      > directory. This touches the directory.
      > - The swap file is created in the current directory.
      > If you set 'backupdir' and 'directory' respectively,
      > this can be written
      > to other directories. You probably will have to set
      > backupcopy
      > otherwise it will try renaming the file, which will
      > change the
      > directory.
      > BTW, Emacs, with its default options will also touch
      > the directory. In
      > fact, it seems to leave its backup file around after
      > the edit.
      > I think so many things inadventently touch
      > directories that most people
      > don't consider the directory timestamp to be useful
      > for much. I only
      > know of one backup software that even attempts to
      > restore the directory
      > mtime. It has to do this as an extra step after the
      > restore has
      > finished.
      > Dave

      The archiver RAR and TAR both do restore directory

      Let me try your solution, Dave.


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