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33796Re: Config Vim not to change directory timestamp

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  • Roboco Sanchez
    Oct 4 8:12 AM
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      --- Bram Moolenaar <Bram@...> wrote:
      > Roboco Sanchez wrote:
      > > It shouldn't matter what OS you're using. You're
      > > changing content of a file not a directory. I've
      > never
      > > come across any OS that changes directory
      > timestamp
      > > when content of an existing file is changed.
      > >
      > > So do you agree with me that when an existing file
      > is
      > > edited using Vim the directory timestamp shouldn't
      > > change? If so would you be able to configure it,
      > > without having to sacrifice swap file and backup
      > file
      > > (e.g., creat them somewhere else like /tmp)?
      > When you use a backup file in the same directory
      > then Vim will create a
      > new file, thus the directory will change. If you
      > tell Vim not to use a
      > backup file, or put it somewhere else, Vim will
      > overwrite the file and
      > the directory probably won't be changed. Same goes
      > for the swap file.

      The problem is Vim still causes directory timestamp to
      change even though you tell it to write backup file
      and swap file somewhere else. And that's why I came

      > I don't know what is so important about not changing
      > the directory
      > though. I prefer to keep the backup and swap file
      > together with the
      > original file.

      Some people don't care about directory timestamp. But
      some people do. Some people prefer backup and swap
      file together with the original file. But some people
      don't. It would be a long story to debate the
      important of directory timestamp with those who don't
      care about it.


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