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33792Re: Re[2]: Config Vim not to change directory timestamp

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  • Roboco Sanchez
    Oct 4, 2003
      --- Giuseppe Bilotta <gip.bilotta@...> wrote:
      > On Saturday, October 4, 2003 Roboco Sanchez wrote:
      > > It does happen on Linux as well.
      > I don't know the details about ext2 but I think it's
      > a feature
      > in all modern filesystems. It doesn't happen on
      > FAT/FAT32
      > systesm, that I know of (at least I didn't notice it
      > when I
      > used Win98)
      > --
      > Giuseppe "Oblomov" Bilotta

      On FAT/FAT32:

      if you create a new file or dir the timestamp of the
      dir in which you're creating the new file/dir won't

      On NTFS/ExtN/General *NIX FS:

      the dir timestamp will change when you:
      - creat a new file/dir
      - delete a file/dir
      - rename a file/dir
      but it won't change when you:
      - add a byte to an existing file
      - edit an existing file using any editor except Vim
      - copy a file from somewhere else over an existing
      file, i.e., the destination filename is a name of an
      exisiting file


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