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33790Re[4]: bundling of vim.exe with gvim distribution

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  • Giuseppe Bilotta
    Oct 4, 2003
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      On Friday, October 3, 2003 Douglas E Cook wrote:
      >> As a general rule I agree that the wrapper doesn't make sense.
      >> OTOH, I do think that a package should be provided that
      >> includes all three versions (GUI, Vim-32, Vim-16); executables
      >> could be called gvim.exe, vim32.exe, vim16.exe (You could then
      >> make a wrapper vim.exe that chooses the appropriate version).

      > If your system can run "vim32", why do you want "vim16"?

      Because I might start in pure DOS mode and vim32 wouldn't work.

      >> Also, technicall speaking under DOS/Windows you can put more
      >> than one version in the same .exe; *most* of the time, the DOS
      >> part is just a stub that says "Hey man, you need Windows to run
      >> this program!", but nobody prevents you from using a
      >> "different" stub, like for example the 16-bit console version.
      >> So you could create a single vim.exe containing both the 16-bit
      >> and the 32-bit console version.

      > This is very easy. Assume that you've already built the DOS version of
      > vim.exe, and renamed it "vim16.exe", and put it in your object file
      > directory. When you are linking "vim.exe" (the 32-bit Windows console
      > version), add "/STUB:vim16.exe" to the LINK command line and the linker
      > will do the rest. The only downside is that (obviously) the file would
      > be somewhat larger...

      Precisely. I also think that someone who wants to have all
      versions in a package won't complain about the binary size :)
      given that it allows to have only one vim.exe instead of two (vim16.exe and

      Giuseppe "Oblomov" Bilotta
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