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33782Re: Re[2]: bundling of vim.exe with gvim distribution

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  • Douglas E Cook
    Oct 3, 2003
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      > As a general rule I agree that the wrapper doesn't make sense.
      > OTOH, I do think that a package should be provided that
      > includes all three versions (GUI, Vim-32, Vim-16); executables
      > could be called gvim.exe, vim32.exe, vim16.exe (You could then
      > make a wrapper vim.exe that chooses the appropriate version).

      If your system can run "vim32", why do you want "vim16"?

      > Also, technicall speaking under DOS/Windows you can put more
      > than one version in the same .exe; *most* of the time, the DOS
      > part is just a stub that says "Hey man, you need Windows to run
      > this program!", but nobody prevents you from using a
      > "different" stub, like for example the 16-bit console version.
      > So you could create a single vim.exe containing both the 16-bit
      > and the 32-bit console version.

      This is very easy. Assume that you've already built the DOS version of
      vim.exe, and renamed it "vim16.exe", and put it in your object file
      directory. When you are linking "vim.exe" (the 32-bit Windows console
      version), add "/STUB:vim16.exe" to the LINK command line and the linker
      will do the rest. The only downside is that (obviously) the file would
      be somewhat larger...

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