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33509Re: wish: semi-automatic inst of syntax files from central location (www.vim.org) ?

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  • Aron Griffis
    Aug 11, 2003
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      Bram Moolenaar wrote: [Thu Aug 07 2003, 05:32:06AM EDT]
      > http://www.vim.org/runtime.php
      > This does require installing Aap, but after that it's automatic
      > (checksums are used to find out which file changed).

      I just tried this method, and it says

      # aap -f ftp://ftp.vim.org/pub/vim/runtime/main.aap fetch
      Aap: Recipe file "/var/tmp/portage/vim-core-6.2-r2/work/vim62/runtime/ftp:/ftp.vim.org/pub/vim/runtime/main.aap" not found

      It appears to be prepending my current working directory to the URL for
      the recipe file.

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