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33470Re: netrw v35 (not released for general distribution)

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Aug 7, 2003
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      Charles Campbell wrote:

      > I've just put together v35 of <netrw.vim> -- please test it.
      > There's a Big Change in ftp/http use of fetch, which wasn't
      > always available and has had some problems with usernames
      > and passwords.
      > The change: neither ftp: nor http: style urls will no
      > longer furtively attempt to use fetch. Instead, if you
      > wish to use fetch, use
      > vim fetch://[user@]hostname[:http]/...path...
      > The optional :http will cause fetch to be applied to get a
      > webpage, otherwise it will attempt to obtain files using an
      > ftp-style protocol.
      > This change isn't fixed in stone or anything; please feel
      > free also to comment on alternate solutions.

      This change will probably fix the problem that fetch doesn't use my
      ~/.netrc file, thus I could not access sites that require a
      login/password. That is good.

      The drawback is that fetch worked much better for anonymous ftp
      downloads and works fine for http downloads when wget isn't available.
      On FreeBSD fetch is available in the base distribution while wget is an
      optional package.

      Would there be a trick to use fetch for anonymous downloads only? At
      least it will exit with a non-zero exit code when it fails to download
      the file.

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