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33462Re: wish: semi-automatic inst of syntax files from central location (www.vim.org) ?

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Aug 7, 2003
      Yakov Lerner wrote:

      > > How can this be made to work in a portable way? The netrw plugin can be
      > > used for downloading perhaps. Unfortunately, not many systems have a
      > > command to download files over http. Commands like wget and fetch may
      > > need to be installed.
      > I see following possibilities:
      > 1. To include [non-blocking] sockets into vim.
      > (But I know that Bram doesn't want this).


      > 2. To include the stripped-down minimalistic analogue of wget
      > right into vim distribution. The really useful minimalistic and
      > portable client will be well under 500..1000 lines. ( No need for
      > -r(recursivity), no need for authentication, no need for non-http
      > protocols ..).
      > 3. To invoke old-fashioned ftp client for portability. It's
      > very hard to script it but it's possible, and it's probably present
      > everywhere. Ftp is much slower that http for small files, though.
      > 4. To build the 'minimalistic-wget' functionality (same as (2))
      > right into vim, but invocable NOT as function or command, only
      > as a subporocess (as exec 'vim -wget ...) NOT as function or command.
      > Well the difference between (4) and (2) is negligible.

      An alternative could be to use Python for this. The more ideas pop up
      for extensions that are not closely related to the actual editing of
      text, the more I find that using Python for these things would be really

      It does require installing Python and compiling Vim with the Python
      interface, but that should be possible on nearly every platform.

      Taking it a step further would use Aap to do it. But including Aap in
      the Vim distribution might be interpreted as misusing my position to
      push the use of Aap.

      - Bram

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