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33456Re: wish: semi-automatic inst of syntax files from central location (www.vim.org) ?

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  • Yakov Lerner
    Aug 7, 2003
      Bram Moolenaar wrote:

      > Yakov Lerner wrote:
      > > What if vim.org had a stable URL for quering the latest version, and
      > > for downloading the syntax files, and the vim had a plugin allowing
      > > for semi-automatic remote downloading (and installing) the syntax files ?

      > Yes, that would be useful. This can be combined with the Vim-online
      > storage of Vim scripts. I think that this is a nice idea.

      > > :InstallSyntax " for current file, no arguments needed
      > > vim: quering www.vim.org .. latest version is 1.27 .. sh.vim installed.
      > > user: wow!
      > > :InstallSyntax *.spec " for specific language
      > > :InstallSyntax ALL " having fast internet ...
      > How can this be made to work in a portable way? The netrw plugin can be
      > used for downloading perhaps. Unfortunately, not many systems have a
      > command to download files over http. Commands like wget and fetch may
      > need to be installed.

      I see following possibilities:

      1. To include [non-blocking] sockets into vim.
      (But I know that Bram doesn't want this).

      2. To include the stripped-down minimalistic analogue of wget
      right into vim distribution. The really useful minimalistic and
      portable client will be well under 500..1000 lines. ( No need for
      -r(recursivity), no need for authentication, no need for non-http
      protocols ..).

      3. To invoke old-fashioned ftp client for portability. It's
      very hard to script it but it's possible, and it's probably present
      everywhere. Ftp is much slower that http for small files, though.

      4. To build the 'minimalistic-wget' functionality (same as (2))
      right into vim, but invocable NOT as function or command, only
      as a subporocess (as exec 'vim -wget ...) NOT as function or command.
      Well the difference between (4) and (2) is negligible.

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