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33451Re: wish: semi-automatic inst of syntax files from central location (www.vim.org) ?

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Aug 7, 2003
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      Yakov Lerner wrote:

      > The problem.
      > -----------
      > Recently, I needed to edit the rpm spec file. The person who edited
      > the spec file before me was xemacs guy. He opened the file in xemacs
      > and showed me around the file, all syntax-colored in xemacs. Frowning
      > upon his xemacs, I opened the file in gvim, and ... there were no
      > syntax coloring.

      There has been a spec syntax file for quite a while. There must be
      something wrong in your Vim setup.

      You can also update to the latest runtime files (including syntax files)
      from the ftp server. An easy way to do this is explained in this page:


      This does require installing Aap, but after that it's automatic
      (checksums are used to find out which file changed).

      > I realize there are dozens of rarely used languages and it's hassle
      > to keep myriad of syntax files updated in the distribution. And complex
      > syntax files are probably updated quote often.

      True. And the distribution is getting quite big. I have been thinking
      of dropping a few syntax files that hardly anybody uses, but since it's
      not easy to obtain them I haven't done that.

      > Possible solution
      > -----------------
      > What if vim.org had a stable URL for quering the latest version, and
      > for downloading the syntax files, and the vim had a plugin allowing
      > for semi-automatic remote downloading (and installing) the syntax files ?

      Yes, that would be useful. This can be combined with the Vim-online
      storage of Vim scripts. I think that this is a nice idea.

      > The life would be easier for user to update/install the latest version
      > of his local syntax file with one command:
      > :InstallSyntax " for current file, no arguments needed
      > vim: quering www.vim.org .. latest version is 1.27 .. sh.vim installed.
      > user: wow!
      > :InstallSyntax *.spec " for specific language
      > :InstallSyntax ALL " having fast internet ...

      How can this be made to work in a portable way? The netrw plugin can be
      used for downloading perhaps. Unfortunately, not many systems have a
      command to download files over http. Commands like wget and fetch may
      need to be installed.

      The Aap program could be used, like it's done to get the runtime files.
      But Aap has to be installed as well.

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