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33448Re: wish: semi-automatic inst of syntax files from central location (www.vim.org) ?

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  • David Brown
    Aug 6, 2003
      On Thu, Aug 07, 2003 at 09:14:17AM +0300, Yakov Lerner wrote:

      > Recently, I needed to edit the rpm spec file. The person who edited

      > I realize there are dozens of rarely used languages and it's hassle
      > to keep myriad of syntax files updated in the distribution. And complex
      > syntax files are probably updated quote often.

      Hmm. spec.vim has been around for quite a while in vim. It also hasn't
      changed in the distribution much (6.2c and then not since 6.00a.

      > What do you fellow vimers think ?

      I would suspect something else is wrong. Is syntax highlighting enabled
      for other file types?

      Dave Brown
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