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33439Re: [vimdev] netrw problems

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  • Flemming Madsen
    Aug 5, 2003
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      >>3. After a file loads (for example rsync://kaf/proj/xxdriver/xx.c), if I
      >> hit ctrl-6 to access the previous file, it jumps to a file in /tmp.
      >> I realize that I'm tripping on the inner workings of netrw, but it's
      >> not expected behavior...
      > Not sure what to do about this one.

      I have had success with a construction like:

      let AltBuf = bufnr(@#)
      if AltBuf >= 0 | execute "buffer ".AltBuf | endif
      execute "edit ".File

      when jumping from a temporary file to the one to actually show.

      wkr /Flemming
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