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33418Re: Your vim-dev posting regarding xterm and gnome-terminal

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  • Aron Griffis
    Jul 31, 2003
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      Thought this snippet from Debian's ncurses FAQ (I'm actually reading
      this in a patch, so I don't know where this file lives in Debian):

      Home/End keys don't work in some non-full-screen applications.

      The situation with this is somewhat complicated. For a background
      summary, see:

      Essentially, the key sequences in terminfo entries (particularly
      khome and kend) are for full-screen applications only. This means
      that they are only valid after an 'smkx' sequence, to put the
      terminal into application mode. If you want to use these sequences
      in non-application mode, you need to recognize similar sequences -
      the versions which start with CSI (\E [) rather than SS3 (\E O).
      One example of how is in /etc/zshrc in recent Debian ZSH packages.

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