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32315RE: bug in explicit :setf behavior?

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  • Vince Negri
    May 1, 2003
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      > Essentially, one can do any number of explicit
      > :setf somefiletype's after the initial filetype setting, but only
      > the first existing

      > ftplugin/somefiletype.vim
      > indent/somefiletype.vim

      > take effect.

      If you look at how the ftplugins work, you will
      see why there is this limitation. The plugins
      are written to assert their settings over a
      blank canvas, and won't necessarily remove
      the settings of a previous ftplugin. Thus, if
      the second ftplugin was allowed to run, you
      would get a mixture of settings.

      To remove this problem, each ftplugin script
      would have to provide an "uninstall" function
      which could be first called by the :setf command
      if it detected there was an already loaded


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