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32297[PATCH] 6.2b Multiple syntax views, conceal, cursorbind

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  • Vince Negri
    May 1, 2003
      > The latest release of the combined patch, against
      6.2b sources (as obtained from CVS) is
      > available here:
      > http://www.bulbous.freeserve.co.uk/conceal-ownsyntax-62b.diff.gz
      New in this version is an improvement to "cursorbind"
      which makes it work better in diff mode. If you
      cursorbind two diff windows, then as you move through
      one file the cursor position in the other is updated
      to the logically equivalent line, i.e. taking
      insertions/deletions into account.

      > The patch implements three things:
      > (Anyone new to this topic should check the archives
      > for my message "[screenshot] RE: Multiple syntax views
      > on one file" of 2nd April.)
      > 1) 'cursorbind' option - with improvements
      to cursorbind so that it works nicely in diff mode.

      > 2) Latest "conceal" functionality, including some
      > cosmetic fixes, new customisable-per-match placeholder
      > characters, a new 'conceallevel' setting, and
      > enhancements to make adding conceal functionality to
      > existing syntax files easier.
      > 3) The ":ownsyntax" command for having multiple
      > syntax views on one file.
      > The docs are at the end of the diff, so for fuller
      > details read the diff ;)
      > Vince
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