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31874Re: Win32 Makefile patches

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Apr 1 11:53 AM
      Dan Sharp wrote:

      > I didn't see any feedback, positive or negative, on any of these
      > patches, so I thought I would repost them to make sure they weren't missed.
      > ext-Make_bc5.mak.diff : Adds USEDLL option to BC5 makefile for building
      > gvimext.dll. Currently used to build binary distributed by Cream project.
      > gettext.diff : Adds GETTEXT option to Vim bc5 makefile, and changes
      > option from INTL to GETTEXT in mvc makefile. Makes option consistent
      > across all Win32 Makefiles.
      > ming.diff : Adds OLE and TCL support to ming makefile. Removes
      > dyn-ming.h dependency from ming and cyg makefiles and relevant source
      > code. Finally, changes option settings from 1 / 0 to yes / no in ming
      > makefile for consistency across all Win32 Makefiles.

      Looks OK to me, but I didn't actually check the changes. I'll await
      comments for a few days before sending out these patches.

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