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31868Re: Autocompletion drop down in gvim

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  • Flemming Madsen
    Apr 1, 2003
      I have already posted a patch for arbitrary completion in
      user defined commands. Maybe I should alaborate a little on that
      and make it available for insert mode completions as well.
      Watch this space ...

      As for the menu / console issue: It is very well possible to have
      menus in a console. For someone with the time on his hands, I think it
      would make for a very nice little project to do console menus in Vim.
      See the these linksfor an example with the links browser.


      If this was augmented for some means to map wildmode to a popup menu
      we would have the best of all worlds.


      Vince Negri wrote:
      >>From: KONTRA Gergely [SMTP:kgergely@...]
      >>Ooops, I was a bit careless. I just want to be able to show some words
      >>the place, where wildmenu is, I don't need complex parsers.
      > Aha... yes, it would be nice to have the possible choices
      > appear in "wildmenu" style when doing CTRL-N/P and similar
      > insert-mode completion. That seems almost a separate,
      > orthogonal feature.
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