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31373Re: Possible bug concerning non-english keyboards

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Mar 4, 2003
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      Llu'is Batlle i Rossell wrote:

      > I subscribed to this list because I found a bug that hasn't been solved in the
      > recent vim versions.
      > I'm currently using
      > VIM - Vi IMproved 6.1 (2002 Mar 24, compiled Jun 6 2002 23:38:35)

      What system are you on? Any patches included? Running in a terminal or
      using a GUI?

      > The bug may be fixed in the newer versions, but since it wasn't solved since
      > 5.x (afaik), I'll explain it.
      > It's about putting accents (I'm not a good English writter...) over vowels.
      > For example, à, é, è, or so... ok? (the mail is written using iso-8859-1).
      > The problem is:
      > When you are under INSERT MODE, imagine you type a vowel with an
      > accent over it (i.e. "Catalí"). After writting it (without leaving the
      > INSERT), you have the cursor next to the "í" char, to its right. Then,
      > you type "BACKSPACE" to remove the missed "í", and the "í" is erased,
      > and then the cursor is where the "í" was. If you type again the
      > 'accent key' (` or '), then 'vim' behaves as if you had pressed a
      > BACKSPACE!!!!!

      Sounds strange. Are you using some input method perhaps? Mappings that
      interfere? Do you have 'digraph' set?

      Anyway, I cannot reproduce this problem.

      > It may have an explanation not concerning 'vim',
      > but the console, or the keyboard
      > handler... but I've only noticed it under 'vim'.

      Try using a simple application like "cat".

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