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31351Re: Bonobo status

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  • Jason Hildebrand
    Mar 3, 2003
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      On Mon, 2003-03-03 at 03:14, Daniel Elstner wrote:
      > On Mon, 2003-03-03 at 02:30, Jason Hildebrand wrote:
      > > Cool - I wasn't even aware that vim had this feature, but I had actually
      > > thought that something like this would be useful/necessary for
      > > integrating with IDE's. It'll have to be hooked up some sort of
      > > bonobo/corba interface, so that the container app can control it easily.
      > I hope you're going to hook up the whole ex command line stuff as
      > scripting interface anyway ;)

      I think the most important thing will be to implement a bunch of
      "generic" interfaces (i.e. not vim-specific) which any editor can
      implement, so that the application using an embedded editor doesn't have
      to care which one the user has chosen. Of course, we can always offer
      some additional vim-specific interfaces, too (i.e. ex command line).

      > > Right now I'm working on supporting more of the UI features (i.e.
      > > different toolbar icon sizes), making menu items (in)sensitive, etc.
      > > Then I'll implement the persist stream and persist file bonobo
      > > interfaces, which will allow the container to load/save the vim
      > > control's file.
      > Rock. So I guess a simple Nautilus component is not too far off?

      I've never used a component for editing a file within Nautilus; I've
      only used them for viewing. I need to look into this a bit more to see
      how Nautilus does stuff. But if it's possible to edit a file right
      within Nautilus, we should be fairly close.

      My big itch is Evolution, though, and now that the Gnome2 version is
      shaping up, this is very doable.
      Jason D. Hildebrand
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