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31050Re: patch for dynamic perl 5.8

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Feb 3, 2003
      Dan Sharp wrote:

      > > > Dynamic perl feature can't be used with recent ActivePerl 5.8.
      > > > If you want to use it, try to apply attached patch.
      > >
      > >Looks good to me. I'll include the patch. I'll send it out after a
      > >while (if no one makes remarks).
      > It works well for me. The attached patches add support for Cygwin, MinGW,
      > and Borland with ActivePerl 5.8.0. The patches for Cygwin and MinGW simply
      > remove the hard-coded references to 5.6 and change them to use $(PERL_VER)
      > instead.

      Looks good to me, I'll include this.

      > The fix for Borland is debatable. Right now, I get the error
      > if_perl.c:
      > Error E2450 c:/perl\lib\core\thrdvar.h 85: Undefined structure '_stati64'
      > Error E2450 c:/perl\lib\core\thrdvar.h 86: Undefined structure '_stati64'
      > In C:\bc5\include\sys\stat.h, the structure is 'stati64', and '_stati64' is
      > a function with the prototype
      > int _RTLENTRY _EXPFUNC _stati64(const char *__path, struct stati64
      > *__statbuf);

      Hmm, this would require a configure-like check to figure it out.

      > The fix I made was to '#define _stati64 stati64' in if_perl.xs before
      > including the perl headers. This works for my quick test of :perl
      > VIM::Msg("Hi!"), but I haven't tested anything else. The real fix is
      > probably to change c:\perl\lib\core\dosish.h from

      I would think this works, so long as stati64 is the right structure. On
      the other hand, "struct stat" might have to be used. Can you somehow
      check that stat() is redefined to _stati64()?

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