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30216Re: Make Vim run as a MDI Child window in Micosoft Visual Studio.

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Nov 1, 2002
      Zibo Zhao wrote:

      > I'm a newbie for the VIM dev group.
      > I just did a little patch on the VIM 6.1 srouce code to make it run as
      > a MDI child window instead of a pop up window.
      > There are 2 ways to do that:
      > 1. I added a command line option -P to run the VIM as a MDI Child of
      > MSDev. This way you can just install VIM as a customized tool to run
      > it.
      > 2. Use VisVim.dll. This one will go through the OLE interface to
      > enable the MDI Child creation for the MSDev. This one is more
      > convenient, I think.
      > Hope this is helpful.
      > One of the drawback is that the menu is gone, I could not figure out
      > how to get it out. But you can use command :te <menu name> to show
      > the menu as separate window.
      > Debugging with VIM is not working now. Sorry.
      > The attached is the patch based on VIM 6.1 source.

      Several people have been asking for this. Looks like a nice solution.
      Perhaps some people can try it out and tell us for what version(s) of
      devstudio this works.

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