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30022Re: win32 libcall() crash not found

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Oct 9, 2002
      Bruce Mellows wrote:

      > Without the example of the GPF (so please forgive my assumptions, if
      > they are wrong)...
      > I have written two functions - safe_strlen and safe_strcpy (and a main
      > to show it working).
      > strlen is unsafe, because it just keeps on going and going until it
      > finds a 0 (think bunny with drum)
      > strncpy (I guess) is unsafe because it calls strlen (though perhaps it
      > is inline)

      Thanks, this shows how to use VirtualQuery() to figure out if a string
      can be read. I wonder when this function is available. Is this a
      standard Win32 function?

      Would be good if you (or someone else) can use this to add the proper
      check in mch_libcall() in os_mswin.c. It's around where vim_strsave()
      us used to copy the resulting string to allocated memory.

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