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30004Re: win32 libcall() crash not found

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Oct 8, 2002
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      Bruce Mellows wrote:

      > This is the code to protect a function from a GPF.
      > NOTE...
      > - The critical part of the work *MUST* be done in assembler - so I
      > decided that it might be best if it was ALL in assembler - so it can be
      > in one place (the actual exception handler could have been done in less
      > than ten lines of C).
      > - The assembler used is nasm - I could re-write it in masm if that was
      > preferred.

      Bummer. I do like the protection against crashes, but using assembly
      makes it very difficult to compile Vim on various platforms (64 bit

      It appears your code also catches a crash in the called function. That
      was not really required. Would it be possible to avoid the assembly
      code when we only want to check the returned pointer? There actually is
      a function for this (to check the validity of a pointer), but I couldn't
      make it work.

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