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29956RE: Win32 Short filenames - comments?

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  • Michael Geddes
    Oct 1, 2002
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      Ok, I'll fix it up, make sure it has doco.

      I wasn't realy convinced about :X either, but
      1) :S might be useful for something else
      2) :~ is already taken (sorry Vince & Steve, that's home-directory

      I could used :8 I guess (for 8.3)

      I didn't choose :X very carefully, just a proof of concept, but
      1) it's way out of the way for any other further extensions to the
      2) secondly it matched the /X from DIR /X which is how you can view
      the short filenames in a prompt.

      Vince, Steve - what do you think - any votes?

      As to the other question - it shortens the whole path. That's what the
      API function does...

      I had to modify/optimise :~ and :. so that if the path had already been
      expanded (via :p or :X), then it wouldn't
      try expanding it again. Somebody will need to cast their eyes over that
      bit to make sure it handles everything correctly as far as memory
      allocation/deallocation. I think it's correct, but I'm not familiar
      enough with that code to do it.

      Is it OK to have the WinAPI function as it is? Or would you prefer me to
      wrap it in a mch_ wrapper? I guess it'd be
      nice if it worked across Samba shares from linux.


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      Michael Geddes wrote:

      > A call to win32 vimmers!
      > I _have created_ a patch that adds a modifier which is currently :X
      > (from dir /x) that modifies the filename to be the windows short file
      > name.
      > ie : expand('%:X')
      > Would return the full short filename of the current file.
      > expand('%:X:.') also works (as does :~).

      Since this is just a small change and can be very useful for people who
      need this, I'm not against including this feature.

      Two questions:
      - Why ":X"? Isn't there a more obvious name to get the short filename?
      - Does this only shorten the last part of the path or also the directory
      names before it?

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