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29629Re: hardcopy + ^L

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  • Denis Perelyubskiy
    Sep 5, 2002
      * Vince Negri <vnegri@...> [05-Sep-02 00:53 -0700]:
      > >I just tried to ":hardcopy" an RFC, and it turned out that
      > >^L (page break characters) are simply ignored. Well, no,
      > >actually they are printed as small boxes in my font.
      >Look in the list archives (June) for a patch
      >"Formfeed processing with printing - 6.1p100"
      >conributed by Mike Williams.

      thanks. that's what I was looking for. But before I apply
      it.. are there are any plans to include the patch into
      "main" vim? it seems safe and useful at the same time? Bram?



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