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29626Re: M$W2000: Edit->Copy dosn't work after filetype on

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  • Milan Vancura
    Sep 5, 2002
      > > The problem is why the code in the "syntax menu conditions" does so strange
      > > things. Very strange. For example if I mark a visual block and do Edit.Copy
      > > three or four times, vim will crash. ("gvim.exe generated error and will be
      > > restarted by Windows system.")
      > I have no explanation for this behavior. Don't forget that this works
      > just fine for most people. Thus there must be something special about
      > your situation that causes the problem. Any idea? Are you using
      > translated menus perhaps?

      I have made some new tests.

      All problems with Edit.Copy/Cut/Paste become "if and only if" menu.vim is
      sourced from filetype.vim (lines 1376-1381). It doesn't depend on setting menu
      items, syntax and anything else.

      I used the binary package "GUI vim" + vim rt files package from vim.org. The
      "Self-installing executable" vim from vim.org (which I have installed now)
      doesn't have this problem.

      Maybe I did something wrong before, maybe it's an error on my system and maybe
      there is some error in "GUI executable" vim at vim.org. I think testing it on
      the system of someone else could be a good idea.

      Have a nice day,

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