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29594Re: M$W2000: Edit->Copy dosn't work after filetype on

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  • Milan Vancura
    Sep 2, 2002
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      > Very strange, since these menus and toolbar buttons all use the same
      > commands. Perhaps some script redefined the menus?

      Not any my script, I run "virgin gvim" only. runtime\menu.vim (re)defines all
      basic menus (File,Edit etc.) when it is called from runtime\filetype.vim. But
      the problems are elsewhere.

      set nocompatible
      let did_install_syntax_menu=1
      filetype on

      works OK.

      Little tracing mechanism shows me that if I don't set this variable before
      "filetype on", menu.vim is executed twice. Firstly with all three conditions
      passed (default_menu, syntax_menu and syntax_menu2), secondly with all
      conditions skipped (so nothing is done).

      If I set the variable, there is only one pass of menu.vim and only the first
      condition (default_menu) is done, other two are skipped.

      The problem is why the code in the "syntax menu conditions" does so strange
      things. Very strange. For example if I mark a visual block and do Edit.Copy
      three or four times, vim will crash. ("gvim.exe generated error and will be
      restarted by Windows system.")

      Milan Vancura
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