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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Aug 6, 2002
      Alejandro Valencia wrote:

      > > As I read it this PEP suggests using 'expandtab'. However, I'm mixing
      > > tabs and spaces (e.g., one tab and four spaces for three indent
      > > levels) and haven't had any problem with this. Just make sure
      > > 'tabstop' isn't changed from its default value of 8.
      > Hmm... I think that's fine if you don't expect your code to be read, much
      > less edited, by anyone else, mixing tabs and spaces that is :). Unless you
      > jot down somewhere in the file what kind of scheme you use.

      If someone uses a tabstop setting different from 8 for Python code, then
      he is in trouble. Not because of my use of tabs, but because he is
      using a wrong tabstop. Hopefully someone who uses a different tabstop
      setting runs into enough problems to teach him not to do it.
      Perhaps using tabs to teach someone a lesson is not really the right
      thing to do...

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