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29147Re: patched vim on pc?

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  • Vlad Sandrini
    Jul 2, 2002
      Aye Engengah P. Alejandro Lopez-Valencia H'ee L'geb F'ai Throdog Re:
      patched vim on pc? Mon, 1 Jul 2002 18:38:45 -0500:

      PALV> > I could also try it from win98se if you think that's the
      PALV> > problem.
      PALV> >
      PALV> Hmm... Then the OS is to blame. Time to start the move to a dual
      PALV> win2k/linux system...

      Not all of us are allowed. Unxutils+Mingw works fine under NT4, just
      compiled 6.1.118 yesterday at work.

      I compiled 6.1.119 today but I used MSVC6 (unxutils's patch for
      patching, as usual).

      Sator <sator72/at/libero/dot/it> <vlad72/at/inwind/dot/it>
      icq#906246 - http://sator.250x.com - http://www.iammol.com
      Linux 2.4.19-rc1 - Sylpheed version 0.7.7
      - Werewolf. - Werewolf? - There.
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