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28844Re[2]: Strange behaviour of :compiler/:make/tidy

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  • dionn@tomtom.com
    Jun 7 3:49 AM
      Doug wrote:
      > On Fri, Jun 07, 2002 at 11:15:05AM +0200, dionn@... wrote:
      > <snip>
      > > With no space between the redirection symbo and the filename.
      > > Could it be that Vim doesn't use shellredir when performing a make?
      > > Investigating further...
      > :help shellpipe

      Thanks. Entirely correct.

      I just found it out the hard way (reading the sources).

      Some comments:
      - The default on NT for shellpipe is ">". That doesn't seem to make
      sense, as a lot of compilers will use stderr to redirect their errors
      to. Apart from that, in most cases the Unix default becomes something
      that includes stderr as well; and the shellredir option also includes
      stderr, both for Unix and NT. I suggest the default becomes ">%s
      @>&1", just like the shellredir option.
      - The user manual is wrong. ":h 30.1", in the section "OUTPUT
      REDIRECTION", it is stated that :make uses the shellredir option,
      which it doesn't.
      - Why are there two separate options for redirection of shell commands

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